IPL Laser Hair Removal Instrument Hair Remover




IPL Laser Hair Removal Instrument Hair Remover Household Ice Layer Opti Ice Point Photon Painless Axillary Multifunction

【Safety Comes First】This hair removal device uses the latest IPL hair removal technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Clinically results proved that IPL hair removal machine is safe, gentle, painless, permanent, with no side effects. It also comes with a safety glasses to protect your eyes when using the device.IPL Laser Hair Removal Instrument Hair Remover Household Ice Layer Opti Ice Point Photon Painless Axillary Multifunction
【Eight Adjustable Light Energy】IPL hair removal system have eight adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. The higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect, but for safety reasons, please try from low to high gradually.
【Unique Ice Compress Function】Our body hair removal built-in ice compress plate is more carefully designed with integrated cooling mechanism, which can balance your epidermis temperature and protecting it, reducing pain and erythema, improving the efficacy of IPL, laser hair removal offering a more comfortable and painless treatment for you.
【Super Long Service Life】The laser permanent hair removal for women with 500,000 flashes can serve for 9-11 individuals’ whole body hair removal. And it is designed as a non-removable flash head to avoid the risk of light leakage and loose contact. Non-battery operated, please keep it plugged in an outlet when in use.
【Applications & Satisfaction 100%】Our painless IPL hair removal applies to most parts of the body area including legs hair, underarm hair, arms hair, forehead hairline, chin, back, abdomen, bikini line part, etc. Used correctly, it is also safe to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. Quick and easy to use at home. 10(1)3IPL-Laser-Hair-Removal-Instrument-Hair-Remover-Household-Ice-Layer-Opti-Ice-Point-Photon-Painless-Axillary (1)56897(7)
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